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Talk Journalism Digital Awards

Celebrating the best digital journalism in India.

Award Categories

Breaking news

This category honors digital coverage throughout an unplanned breaking or developing news event. Judges will weigh evidence of exceptional journalism, quality of writing, use of other media and creative use of digital and mobile platforms under deadline pressure. All work submitted must have been produced during or immediately following the originating news event. In addition to content, entrants are strongly encouraged to provide screenshots or other evidence from the first minutes and hours after the event to clarify publication times and how coverage developed over time

Political reporting

This category honors regular reporting by an individual or team on political beat. The work should display regular success at breaking political news online and ongoing watchdog coverage. Judges will consider use of social tools to coalesce a participatory, online community around the topic being covered; the quality of the journalism; the digital production and design of the coverage; and the ways in which digital, social, mobile and other platforms are employed to reach, inform and engage with the audience. Entries should consist of three to five work samples.

Innovation in story telling

This award honors innovative efforts in telling stories through visual means: photos, graphics, illustrations, video, virtual reality or other emerging media. Judges will consider the quality and impact of the visuals, the selection of media and the effectiveness of the visuals. Judges also will give special attention to the originality, innovation and creativity being brought to bear to tell stories that are truly of digital and mobile platforms.

Best in-depth analysis on web

This category honors excellence in explanatory journalism through digital means. Entries should explain the relevance and impact of a meaningful, complex or abstract subject to audiences through clear storytelling and presentation. Judges will consider the quality of the journalism; the digital production and design of the coverage; and the ways in which digital, social, mobile, and other platforms are employed to reach, inform, and engage with the audience.

Best investigative story

This category honors a single or a series of stories that uncover major news based on the reporters’ own investigations that advance and serve the public interest. Clear presentation through user interface and interactivity, creative use of the medium and platforms (including mobile), use of social tools and evidence of the impact of the publication will be considered. An entry will consist of a single piece, series or package on the same subject, including an explanation detailing the investigation’s impact. An entry may consist of up to five examples, including articles, blog posts, videos, graphics, podcasts, etc.

Best story in language media

This category honors a digitally focused regional news report and looks to bring forward the most comprehensive reporting done in language media on digital platform. This could be a news report & its follow up, features; in-depth analysis and it should maximize the use of digital tools and platforms and represents the highest journalistic standards. Entries will be judged on quality of journalism, a superb user experience and the use of social tools and other digital media to reach, inform and engage audiences.