Being an independent journalist in today’s time

YingYu Chen talks about how living as an independent journalist looks like.

Jaipur, 21 September 2019

Media is often termed as the fourth pillar of democracy, which plays a pivotal role in influencing mindsets across the country. Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic change in the media landscape. Now, there is an era of independent journalism. It categorically means functioning without any external influence and not in contract with any organisation. To put this topic on the table, the second day of Talk Journalism 2019 saw a young independent journalist, Ying Yu Chen address the audience. Chen came all the way from Taiwan to speak upon her life as an independent journalist and a workshop for the same. She mentioned the importance of understanding the self first, putting a question to the audience,” Who are we, what we want to do?”

Talking of independent journalism, Chen shared her story of how she got into independent journalism and talked what it takes to be one. She had a very roller coaster life and a very interesting background story behind becoming an independent journalist. ”It’s okay, if you don’t have that dramatic story to be an independent journalist, you don’t have to be victims, migrants or vulnerable. It’s okay that you have your own story and that background reminds you who you are.”

Further, she talked about things important in becoming an independent journalist. She stressed on forming the story different from others to shine out loud out of the crowd. She added that there are multiple privileges of being an independent journalist. “Working as a freelance journalist is very beneficial for people who want to work for different publications. With no need to be tied to a specific publication, you can write and sell your work no matter where you are based” were her concluding words.

Text: Sumbul Jahangeer | Copy Edit: Niharika Raina | Photo: Sumbul Jahangeer | Photo Desk: Sagar Samuel | Editorial Coordinator: Rupali Soni & Niharika Raina