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A not-for-profit initiative, Talk Journalism is build on the premise that there is need to discuss and debate media, a profession that discusses everything, but seldom talks about itself. Every year leading minds come together, shared their thoughts and experiences about how the rules of the game have changed and omit the new ideas are coming up in the media space.

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Speakers 2019

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Aakash Banerjee

Political Satirist

Anand Rangnathan

Consulting Editor

Ambu Patel

Freelance reporter who writes on the plight of salt farmers in Kutch

Arijit Sen

Independent Journalist 

Ayaz Memon


Ayodhya Prasad Gaur

Corporate Communications professional

Cyrus Brocha

TV personality and satirist

Deepal Trivedi

Ahmedabad mirror

Eugene Robinson

Columnist Washington post & Pulitzer award

Govind Ethiraj

Television & journalist

HR Venkatesh

JSK Journalism Fellow

Jairaj singh


Jency Jacob

Fact Checker

Kiruba Shankar

An entrepreneurauthor & speaker

Lakshayraj Singh Mewar


Mark Manuel

Senior Editor

Meenal Bhagel

Bombay mirror

Narendra Nath Mishra

Assistant Editor

Navneet Mundhra


Pratap bhanu Mehta


Prafulla Ketkar

Editor of Organiser

Pratik sinha

@free_thinker Co-founder

Rahul Dev


Rahul Shrivastava

National Affairs Editor, India Today

Rajesh Raina

Group Editor News18

Rasmus Knielsen

Reuter’s institute of journalism Oxford university

Ravish Kumar

Managing Editor, NDTV

Ritu Kapur

The quint

Satya Sagar

You Tube Vlogger

Saurabh Dwivedi

Editor, Lallantop

Saurav Kumar

Seema Chisti

Senior journalist

Shripal Shaktawat

@shaktawat_sp Editor

Sharda Ugra

Editor ESPNcricinfo

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

MP for Thiruvananthapuram

Shivam Vij

Journalist & Columnist

Shivendra Gaur

Paid Whats app news creator
Rocket post

Siddhart Vardrajan

Founding Editor of The Wire

Soutik Biswas

BBC News

Satyanand Nirupam

Editor rajkamal books

Tom Millen

VR expert, UK

Trushar Barot

Harvard Fellow

Vignesh Vellor

The news minute 

Vikas Pandey

Senior Digital Producer

Nick Davies

The Guardian

Professor Daya K. Thussu

Hong Kong Baptist University

Roshni Rajaram

Author & Trainer

Suraj Gogoi

PhD Candidate, NUS

Nistula Hebbar

Political Editor- The Hindu

Marya Shakil

Political Editor-CNN-News18

Sreenivasan Jain

Managing Editor, NDTV

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    Happy to be a part of the two day gala. Great to see journalism and different facets being discussed with youngsters, good to see that the organizers gave space to language media as well.
    Rahul Dev
  • Feels good to participate in a forum that is all about promoting better journalism
    Suhashini Haider
  • Great event, very well organised. If Talk Journalism could be the connect between journalists, academics, civil society and people it will do a great service by pushing good journalism
    Rajdeep Sardesai
  • I was honored to be invited to what was a truly impressive and distinctive event – in one part global but also very much a reflection of Indian media. It is poised now to become a major date on the journalism calendar
    Gerard Ryle
  • I was happy and honored to speak about investigative reporting at the conference, and I hope I helped some young journalists to learn some old tricks. But from my selfish point of view, I was even happier to listen to some of the finest voices in Indian journalism and to meet them socially. That is how I learn.
    Nick Davies