Media works in the same way everywhere!

A sneak-peek into the state of American Media

Jaipur, 22 September 2019 – “Donald Trump has suppressed the media in America and has declared every news against him as Fake news”, said Eugene Robinson and made us believe that how its not just India where the fourth pillar of democracy is shaking but also the different parts of the world are affected by the political suppression. Eugene Robinson, a part of Washington Post made very affirmative statements about how America is dealing with these issues after President Donald Trump came into power. He has been interfering in media news and then tweeting the news which are against him as Fake news.
Eugene Robinson rightly quoted that, “Trump blocks people from Twitter which isn’t allowed in their law system.” All of the points made by him helped the audience get a wider perspective of how media is being harnessed and used for its own purpose. Everywhere the media is being manipulated by the political leaders and bureaucrats to serve for their purpose. Not just this he even tried to bring in several points about how digital medium has become this new source of news and people do not use their senses or verify it.
“It’s very important for people to know what is real and what is fake and not belong to the social media university for news.” This is a very valid point that as an audience, we should understand that it’s important to be aware of the fake news and believe in the right sources.
This session had Ravish Kumar also supporting him with correct points about how the law there is strict about media censorship but in India, the laws also fall in the trap of corruption and money-making schemes. Its time for the public to open up their eyes and speak what they want from media.
Text : Nikita Baid | Copy Edit : Rupali Soni | Photo Desk : Sagar Samuel | Editorial Coordination: Rupali Soni & Niharika Raina