Once torch bearers are now leading people to darkness?

Jaipur, 20 September, 2019 – Sometimes to get rid of your past you need to make a future out of it. This holds true when the dark days of journalism started consuming and stooping Roshni Rajaram and Ayodhya Prasad so low that they felt as vultures feeding on the carcasses and to make peace with themselves they confessed their experiences during the book launch of “The vulture’s feast”. Avinash Kalla was the host for the same.

Upon being asked why is the book named ,”THE VULTURE’S FEAST”, the author Ayodhya Prasad shared his story about how he accidentally ended up being a journalist as he earlier enjoyed the perks of it but as he went under the deeper realm, he got to witness the darker side of it as well. He even spoke about the days when they had no sensational stories to tell, had to cook up stories and even had to fish out 24 hours to search for news which may be the death of someone but they had to feed upon it like a ‘vulture’.

Roshni Rajaram questioned “if the word “pressitution” was used 10-15 years ago? If not then why now?” The authors referred to journalism as the fourth pillar to democracy but these days how to sell a story and spice things up, the journalist outrage the modesty and reputation of people online. To second her thoughts, she confessed how in her career she had to cover the wardrobe malfunction news story of a renowned supermodel and how media criticized her calling this a “PR” stunt.

She further added that she’s not judging any occupation, she just thinks maybe it needs more human perception and maybe a journalist should once introspect? And to lighten up the room that was getting intense, Ayodhya Prasad shared his experience that due to serious workload, how they accidentally printed a demise note instead of a congratulatory note and as a token of apology a quarter-page was addressed to him saying, “May you live a thousand years”.

Text : Sapna Isswani | Copy Edit : Rupali Soni | Photo : Sapna Isswani | Photo Desk: Sagar Samuel | Editorial Coordination: Rupali Soni & Niharika Raina