The person who does not take sides, sides with the oppressor: Sankarshan Thakur

Sankarshan Thakur spoke on Perils of Writing a Political Biography at Talk Journalism 2018 conclave.

Jaipur,11th August 2018 – “Problem is today we have only oral sources and that brings up many versions , said Sankarshan Thakur, Roving editor at The Telegraph, at Talk Journalism 2018 conclave. He was speaking about the political biographies he wrote.

Thakur had earlier written the biography of Nitish Kumar “Single Man: the Life and Times of Nitish Kumar of Bihar”. Speaking about Nitish Kumar he said that ‘Nitish Kumar was the prime supporter of Lalu Yadav’s candidacy in early 90s’. He also mentioned that “Lalu often says Nitish Kumar ke Peth me abhi bhi daant hai”. While talking about the life of Bihar’s CM, Nitish Kumar he said, “ His relationship with his wife affected his political life”.  He added that “Aik lieutenant ne mujhse poocha ‘aise kaise likh diya aapne Nitish ji ke bare me?’, Maine kaha ‘aise kaise ka kya matlab? Laptop par baithe or likh diye.’

 He also spoke about his book “The Brothers Bihari” and said that “Problem is that we have only oral sources and that brings up many versions”. While talking about his books also said that ‘I am not unbiased. I take sides while writing my books ,because if I don’t, then I may not be doing justice to my writing and also people who don’t take sides become oppressors.’

Text:  Shivani Kava | Copy edit: Rupali soni | Photo: Shivani Kava| Photo desk: Anu Sonia |Editorial coordination: Jyoti Mamnani

This report was filed during Live Newsroom workshop conducted by Institute of Integrated Digital Journalism and Mass Communication(IIDJM) at Talk Journalism 2018.