“Politics Is An Occupation, A Criminal Occupation”: Anand Ranganathan

The author and consulting Editor of Swarajya, spoke about
the Independence of journalism in India.

Jaipur, 11 August 2018 – The second day of talk journalism 2018, The researcher and consulting editor of Swarajya, Anand Ranganathan spoke about the hypocrisy  and intolerance in India. Anand focused on what should be a job of a Journalist and how a Journalist has to catch the criminals of politics rather than brainwashing the audience to favor them. hypocrisy. 

Text:  Vaishnavi Gaharwar | Copy edit: Vaidehi Gangan | Photo: Vaishnavi Gaharwar | Photo desk: Anu Sonia |Editorial coordination: Jyoti Mamnani

The report was filed during live newsroom workshop conducted by Institute of Integrated Digital journalism and Mass Communication(IIDJM) 

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