Personality resides in the language you speak

If you love your language, you will protect its integrity.

Jaipur, 20 September 2019

Most of Rahul Dev’s words hit the bulls’ eye. “No matter what language we speak, we must have the right knowledge of its roots and we must respect the language”. The first post-lunch session of day one at Talk Journalism 2019 saw the senior journalist and activist Rahul Dev talk about the very introduction of language which was not just meant to be a source of conversation and interaction but was also considered to be a major source of uniting a number of people together. He further added by mentioning that to have a great insight into a specific language can also work as a remarkable identity for any individual.

“Integrity of any language doesn’t encompass any individual to stay within the limits of one’s qualifications or capabilities, it rather allows individuals to take charge of any project that are beyond their reach for any particular language” was a high lead statement given by the senior journalist. The inner sense of ‘wholeness’ of any language truly lies in its richness and its essence. It was also brought into the picture that the true love for the language you speak doesn’t really limit you or your confidence but rather gives you endless freedom to get enormous exposure to the language.

Rahul Dev further quipped “If you love your language, you will protect its integrity” elaborated in a way that every language needs to be respected, protected and upheld. The difference in the height of the podium for respecting any language should not differ even in a single inch elaborated in a way that the love for one language should never be biased enough to lessen the love and respect for any other language. All the languages should be respected and should be upheld equally Language is immensely important for the development of a person’s personality. Rahul Dev was also descriptive about how by knowing and learning one or more than one language can develop a person’s cognitive skills, social development and build confidence in work. He briefed with conviction regarding how culturism is deeply integrated by the language people speak. Also, it is a tool that unites and brings together any certain community or group of people.

In the later part of the session, the senior journalist also sadly portrayed about how the hype and over importance is given to the English language has deteriorated the essence of our own mother tongue. Rahul Dev purposely tried to bring the attention of all journalists and students that it’s not the language you speak that describes your personality but it’s how well can you speak a specific language that speaks volumes about you. The distinctive atmosphere and the quality which you seem to surround and generate always comes from how well your tongue works. No matter what language you’re speaking, if you trust yourself and if you have confidence in what you’re presenting, no one can stop you from rising high and shining bright. Believing in yourself and believing in the language you speak is extremely important for the for any individual’s personality development.

Rahul Dev also brought a point that if any eminent personality had ever been able to make a mark in the society for a longer run, it is only because they believed in their language. He finally concluded by saying that one must raise themselves to respect the dignity of every language as every language has its own richness, charm and essence.

Text: Priya Yadav | Copy Edit: Niharika Raina | Photo: Priya Yadav | Photo Desk: Sagar Samuel | Editorial Coordination: Rupali Soni and Niharika Raina